Handsome flat-pea

Platylobium formosum

''Platylobium formosum'', also known as handsome flat-pea, is a shrub that is endemic to Australia. It is a member of the family Fabaceae and of the genus ''Platylobium''.
Handsome Flat-pea (Platylobium formosum) An erect plant about 2 mtrs tall with soft green, broad leaves and short racemes of bright orange pea flowers with deep red centres. The pods were interesting in themselves- a pale orange in colour and flat & triangular in shape. Leaves looked like they would be frost-resistant.
A native of Australia, this was spotted in a regenerated tract of land along a suburban road. Australia,Geotagged,Handsome flat-pea,Platylobium formosum,Spring


The species is an erect or straggling shrub with wiry stems which usually grows to a height of between 1 and 2 metres. The leaves are opposite with very short, almost unnoticeable petioles. The leaf surface has a pronounced reticulation of veins on the surface and is dark green above and lighter below. The leaf size ranges from 2 to 5 cm in length and 1 to 2.3 cm in width.

The flowers appear in spring, between September and November in their native range. These are orange-yellow with a red centre, with red markings in the centre, on the tip of the keel and on the back of the standard. and are supported by a long stalk which is covered by hairs and arises from the leaf axil. The pods which follow are flat, glabrous or hairy and about 2 to 4 cm in length.


This species is found in New South Wales and Queensland. It is common and widespread in habitats ranging from heathland to rainforest margins.


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