House Pseudoscorpion

Chelifer cancroides

"Chelifer cancroides", the house pseudoscorpion, is a species of pseudoscorpions. It is a cosmopolitan, synanthropic, and harmless species to humans.
House Pseudoscorpion - Chelifer cancroides Isn't it so cute!!

My son found this pseudoscorpion on our bathroom wall. I stuck it in the fridge for a few minutes to slow it down before photographing it, and then set it free.
 Chelifer,Chelifer cancroides,Geotagged,House Pseudoscorpion,Pseudoscorpion,United States,Winter


"Chelifer cancroides" measure 2.5–4.5 mm in length. The pedipalps are very long, measuring 7–9 mm when extended. The body is teardrop-shaped and has a rich mahogany color. The abdomen has 12 segments, only 10 of which are easily visible. The cephalothorax has one pair of eyes.
House pseudoscorpion Never thought that I would find one, so small, actual seize is only 3mm.
found this little one in Wijk bij Duurstede the Netherlands Chelifer cancroides,Geotagged,House Pseudoscorpion,Netherlands,Spring


There are two subspecies:
⤷  "Chelifer cancroides cancroides"
⤷  "Chelifer cancroides orientalis"
House pseudoscorpion - Chelifer cancroides Amazing tiny guy, I hardly noticed it. The body is not bigger than 2.5 mm. I don't know how I managed to get it in focus while he was trying to hide. Found under the bark of an old rotting trunk. Used flash and homemade diffuser. Animalia,Arachnida,Arthropoda,Bulgaria,Chelifer cancroides,Cheliferidae,Geotagged,House Pseudoscorpion,House pseudoscorpion,Pseudoscorpiones,Spring,Wildlife


Males maintain small mating territories, few centimeters in size. When a female enters the territory, the male initiates a mating dance and eventually deposits a spermatophore, which is then picked up by the females. Fecundity is 20–40 eggs. The development from egg stage into maturity takes 10 to 24 months and involves three molts; molting may involve building a silk nest. The total life span is 3–4 years.


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