Saunders' case moth

Metura elongatus

Saunders' case moth or the large bagworm is a moth of the Psychidae family. It is known from the eastern half of Australia, including Tasmania.
Saunders‘case moth  cocoon - Metura elongatus Caterpillars of Saunders‘case moth can be found feeding on several plant species. This caterpillar is feeding on Dodonaea leaves  and has used the little twigs of the plant to build it’s cocoon. Australia,Geotagged,Metura elongatus,Saunders' case moth,Summer


The wingspan is about 30 mm for males. Adult males have black wings, an orange hairy head and a black and orange banded abdomen. Female adults have no wings and remain in the larval case. They are white with a brown head and reach a length of about 30 mm.
Saunders’case moth -  Matura longatus Found this casemoth wandering along on the ground near eucalyptus trees. I took it home and attached it’s case back onto a small eucalyptus tree branch in a vase with water. At night the larvae opened one Ed it’s case and came out halfway to feed on eucalyptus leaves. Each time the flash went off on the camera it woul rapidly retreat back into I case but after 1 to 2 minutes would come out again. Australia,Fall,Geotagged,Metura elongatus


The larvae feed on a wide range of plants, including ''Conyza bonariensis'', ''Cupressus'', ''Epacris'', ''Dianella brevipedunculata'', ''Acacia dealbata'', ''Eucalyptus'', ''Pinus'' and ''Cotoneaster'' species. They create a silken shelter, which is initially covered with bits of leaf, but later also with short twigs. They live and pupate within this shelter. When threatened, they temporarily seal the front opening of the case until the danger is past.


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