Mexican Prickly Poppy

Argemone mexicana

''Argemone mexicana'' is a species of poppy found in Mexico and now widely naturalized in many parts of the world. An extremely hardy pioneer plant, it is tolerant of drought and poor soil, often being the only cover on new road cuttings or verges. It has bright yellow latex, and though poisonous to grazing animals, is rarely eaten, but has been used medicinally by many people including those in its native area, the Natives of the western US and parts of Mexico.
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The seeds resemble the seeds of ''Brassica nigra'' . As a result, mustard can be adulterated by argemone seeds, rendering it poisonous. Several significant instances of katkar poisoning have been reported in India, Fiji, South Africa and other countries. The last major outbreak in India occurred in 1998. 1% adulteration of mustard oil by argemone oil has been shown to cause clinical disease. In India, Argemone oil is mixed with sunflower oil and sesame oil to increase the quantity, but this adulteration causes health disorders and renowned brands display "no argemone oil" to qualify purity.

Katkar oil poisoning causes epidemic dropsy, with symptoms including extreme swelling, particularly of the legs.
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Biodiesel production from ''A. mexicana'' seed oil using crystalline manganese carbonate has been demonstrated.


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