Evasive agaric

Crepidotus versutus

''Crepidotus versutus'', commonly known as the evasive agaric, is a species of fungi in the family Crepidotaceae. It is saprobic on wood, like other ''Crepidotus'' species, but it can also decompose herbaceous forest litter. The species is characterized by large, punctate, ellipsoid spores, and the white, hairy pileus.

The specific epithet ''versutus'' is derived from the Latin word ''versut'' , which may be a reference to the ability of the fungus to correctly orient itself for growth depending on the position of its growing surface. The basionym of this species is ''Agaricus versutus'' Peck 1878. Older, obsolete synonyms include ''Crepidotus bresadolae'' and ''Crepidotus pubescens''.