Smooth chanterelle

Cantharellus lateritius

''Cantharellus lateritius'', commonly known as the smooth chanterelle, is a species of edible fungus in the Cantharellaceae family of mushrooms. A ectomycorrhizal species, it is found in Asia, Africa, and North America. The species has a complex taxonomic history, and has undergone several name changes since its first description by American mycologist Lewis David de Schweinitz in 1822. The fruit bodies of the fungus are brightly colored yellow to orange, and usually highly conspicuous against the soil in which they are found. At maturity, the mushroom resembles a filled funnel with the spore-bearing surface along the sloping outer sides. The texture of the fertile undersurface of the caps is a distinguishing characteristic of the species: unlike the well-known golden chanterelle, the hymenium of ''C. lateritius'' is much smoother. Chemical analysis has revealed the presence of several carotenoid compounds in the fruit bodies.