Verreauxs sifaka

Propithecus verreauxi

Verreaux's sifaka, or the white sifaka, is a medium sized primate in one of the lemur families, Indriidae. It lives in Madagascar and can be found in a variety of habitats from rainforest to western Madagascar dry deciduous forests and dry and spiny forests. The fur is thick and silky and generally white with brown on the sides, top of the head, and on the arms. Like all sifakas, it has a long tail that it uses as a balance when leaping from tree to tree. However, its body is so highly adapted to an arboreal existence that on the ground its only means of locomotion is hopping. The species lives in small troops which forage for food.

There are four sub-species of this kind of lemur. There are many things unknown about Verreaux's sifaka, so their life span in the wild has not been approximated, but in captivity they generally live to up to 18 years old.