Grass Oysterling

Crepidotus epibryus

Pileus 8-22 mm broad, white, villose or tomentose, glabrescent, sessile, reniform, suborbicular, or dimidiate, margin incurved. Context medium thin, white.

Lamellae radiating from a lateral or eccentric point, subdistant, medium broad, white when young, finally pale ochraceous.

Stipe none; pileus strongly villose at point of attachment.

Spores 6-8 x 2.8-3.6 µ, pip-shaped, sublanceolate to somewhat ellipsoid to subovoid, smooth, colorless to pale yellow in 2% KOH. Pleurocystidia none; cheilocystidia 22-51 x 4-7 µ, clavate, cylindric, or ventricose, more rarely forked, clustered and conspicuous. Gill trama undulating subparallel, or at times slightly interwoven. Pileus trama interwoven, hyphae 3-4 µ, broad. Cuticle a trichodermium, the epicuticular hyphae loosely tangled, colorless, more or less erect, slender (2-4 µ broad). Clamp connections none (except on the hyphae at the point of attachment of pileus).