Cardinal flower

Lobelia cardinalis

''Lobelia cardinalis'' is a species of ''Lobelia'' native to the Americas, from southeastern Canada south through the eastern and southwestern United States, Mexico and Central America to northern Colombia.
Cardinal Flower The impressive end of summer flower is the Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) with its bright crimson blooms next to the waters of the Snake River at Shaw Woodlot, Ontario, Canada.  Canada,Cardinal Flower,Cardinal flower,Geotagged,Lobelia cardinalis,Ontario,Shaw Woodlot,Summer


It is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows up to 1.2 m tall and is found in wet places, streambanks, and swamps. The leaves are up to 20 cm long and 5 cm broad, lanceolate to oval, with a toothed margin. The flowers are usually vibrant red, deeply five-lobed, up to 4 cm across; they are produced in an erect raceme up to 70 cm tall during the summer to fall. Forms with white and pink flowers are also known.

''Lobelia cardinalis'' is related to two other ''Lobelia'' species in to the Eastern United States, ''Lobelia inflata'' and ''Lobelia siphilitica'' ; all display the characteristic "lip" petal near the opening of the flower and the "milky" liquid the plant excretes. ''L. siphilitica'' has blue flowers and is primarily pollinated by bees, whereas ''L. cardinalis'' is red and is primarily pollinated by the ruby-throated hummingbird .
Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) In a wetland habitat in NW Georgia (Floyd County), US. Cardinal flower,Geotagged,Lobelia cardinalis,Summer,United States,wetland,wetlands


It was introduced to Europe in the mid-1620s, where the name ''cardinal flower'' was in use by 1629, likely due to the similarity of the flower's color to the vesture of Roman Catholic Cardinals.
Cardinal Flower - Lobelia cardinalis Beautiful, bright red flowers that have three spreading lower petals and two upper petals that are united into a tube at the base.

Habitat: Pond side: I rarely see this wildflower, and this patch is now gone. It was bulldozed when the small pond that it grew beside was dredged to eradicate invasive fish and plants.  Unfortunately, the workers were not that careful and destroyed the habitat surrounding this pond. Cardinal flower,Geotagged,Lobelia cardinalis,Summer,United States,flower,lobelia,red,red wildflower,wildflower


As a member of the genus ''Lobelia'', it is considered to be potentially toxic. Symptoms of ingestion of large quantities include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, salivation, exhaustion and weakness, dilation of pupils, convulsions, and coma. The plant contains a number of toxic alkaloids including lobelamine and lobeline.
Lobelia cardinalis This plant has an affinity for wet sites and I saw this one at Ohiopyle State Park, close to the Youghiogheny River. 
1 metre in height. Campanulaceae,Cardinal Flower,Cardinal flower,Fall,Flora,Geotagged,Lobelia cardinalis,United States,autumn,botany,pennsylvania,plant


The Zuni people use this plant as an ingredient of "schumaakwe cakes" and used it externally for rheumatism and swelling. The Penobscot people smoked the dried leaves as a substitute for tobacco. It may also have been chewed.


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