Monk saki

Pithecia monachus

The monk saki also known as Geoffroy's monk saki, is a species of saki monkey, a type of New World monkey, from South America. It is found in forested areas of northwestern Brazil and northeastern Peru.
Monk Saki along the Javary River This was a neat sighting. Shy monkeys that have a very limited range. Brazil,Geotagged,Monk saki,Peru,Pithecia monachus


This monkey can grow up to be 30 to 50 centimetres long and weigh about 1 to 2 kilograms, approximately the same as a large rabbit. The thick, bushy tail can be up to 25 to 55 centimetres long. It has coarse fur, which is long and shaggy around the face and neck.
Elize the Tamarin III Meet Elize, a wild Tamarin that is somewhat domesticated by Amazon villagers who feed it. Here she is, the "lady with the moustache", snacking on a huge banana. Check out her ultra long vingers. Amazon,Brazil,Geotagged,Monkeys,Tamarin


This species is found in the interfluvial between the Solimoes River, lower to middle Ucayali River and lower Javary River, in northwestern Brazil and northeastern Peru.
Elize the Tamarin I Meet Elize, a wild Tamarin that is somewhat domesticated by Amazon villagers who feed it.  Amazon,Brazil,Geotagged,Mammals,Monkeys,Tamarin


A shy, wary animal, it is totally arboreal, living high in the trees and sometimes descending to lower levels but not to the ground. It generally moves on all fours but may sometimes walk upright on a large branch and will leap across gaps. During the day, it moves in pairs or small family groups, feeding on fruits, berries, honey, some leaves, small mammals such as mice and bats, and birds. The female gives birth to 1 young per mating season with the average family size being 4.5.


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