Meadow barley

Hordeum brachyantherum

''Hordeum brachyantherum'', known by the common name meadow barley, is a species of barley. It is native to western North America from Alaska to northern Mexico, coastal areas of eastern-most Russia , and a small area of coastal Newfoundland.

The diploid cytotype occurs only in California, throughout the state, while everywhere else plants are tetraploid.

This is a tufting perennial bunchgrass approaching a meter in maximum height. It produces compact, narrow inflorescences 8 to 10 centimeters long and purplish in color. Like other barleys the spikelets come in triplets. It has two small, often sterile lateral spikelets on pedicels and a larger, fertile central spikelet lacking a pedicel.
Meadow Barley  Geotagged,Hordeum brachyantherum,Spring,United States


One major function of perennial plants is to restore the land and ecosystem. ''Hordeum brachyantherum'' is used to restore the native perennial grasslands in California and to reduce the density of non-native annual plants. The perennial plants can rapidly recover the soil microbial biomass in the grasslands due to the carbon supply maintained by the perennial plants. The species diversity and composition is not affected by the restoration, however, the relative proportion of the native plant biomass increased in the restored perennial grassland.


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SpeciesH. brachyantherum