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 I'm GREEN with envy

Green on plants is just the norm because of the whole Krebs cycle and photosynthesis thing, but when I see green in unexpected places like insects or plant parts like Palo Verde tree bark, lichens or even minerals and water, it becomes mesmerizing, soothing, and cooling. Metallic green, which is really metallic blue plus melanin pigment. Melanin pigment is the the most common pigment used in the animal kingdom, and different amounts result in the black and brown colors that abound in animals. So metallic green actually is common since animals tend to already have melanin. If green provides a great background with plants and insects, that is appealing too. Add iridescent green to insects and other animals like hummingbirds and I am in awe. So here is my list of green things I loved to look at.

William Bodine created this list one year ago