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Blacktail wolfspider top-view Dutch name: Zwartstaartboswolfspin (Pardosa lugubris)<br />
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Blacktail wolfspider top-view

Dutch name: Zwartstaartboswolfspin (Pardosa lugubris)
No wiki :(

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  1. This is a side view of this spider with a better view at the egg sack:
    Blacktail wolfspider rear-view Looking from above I thought the egg sac was rather flat, but with this side view I could see that it is round and bigger then I thought.<br />
After the eggs hatch the little hatchlings spend some time sitting on the back of mom.<br />
<br />
Dutch name: Zwartstaartboswolfspin (Pardosa lugubris)<br />
No wiki :( Geotagged,Pardosa lugubris,Parental care,The Netherlands
    Posted 9 years ago, modified 9 years ago
  2. Amazing shot! I created the species entry manually. Are they really only 1cm? Posted 9 years ago

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The Pardosa lugubris is a spider species, belonging to the wolf spiders (Lycosidae). It is one of the most famous types of wolf spiders. This spider is found also in the Netherlands. The spider often has a light brown thorax with a light middle stripe. The abdomen has light hair and legs are striped. The spider is often no larger than 1 cm.

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Uploaded Feb 17, 2013. Captured Oct 8, 2012 10:09 in Bestseweg, 5691 Son, The Netherlands.
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