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Ornate Elysia - Elysia ornata  Elysia ornata,Fall,Geotagged,Indonesia Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

Ornate Elysia - Elysia ornata

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  1. You know I don't have any expertise in this area, but still wanted to check with you: Elysia ornata is described as greenish/yellow and the photos I could find show this. Thoughts on this white appearance? Posted 11 days ago
    1. Oh, they are variable in color. There is a picture in the book Reef Creature Identification, Tropical Pacific by Paul Humann and Ned Deloach that looks like this one in page 291 classified as Elysia ornata. Maybe I can send you a pic of the page to Facebook via Messenger as I don't feel like adding a book picture here :-) Posted 11 days ago
      1. Excellent, thanks! Posted 11 days ago
    2. I sent you the pics via Messenger Facebook. However I will also post it in Nudibrach Central for Gary Cobb to verify (he is an expert in nudibranchs and alikes) :-) Posted 11 days ago

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''Elysia ornata'', commonly known as ornate elysia or ornate leaf slug, is a species of sea slug, a marine gastropod mollusk. This sea slug superficially resembles a nudibranch, yet it does not belong to that suborder of gastropods. Instead it is a member of the closely related clade Sacoglossa, the "sap-sucking" sea slugs.

Similar species: Unknown Order
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Uploaded Jul 31, 2020. Captured Nov 9, 2019 11:42 in Unnamed Road, Kobe, Weda Tengah, Kabupaten Halmahera Tengah, Maluku Utara, Indonesia.
  • TG-5
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