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The Common Kestrel is a bird of prey species belonging to the kestrel group of the falcon family Falconidae. It is also known as the European Kestrel, Eurasian Kestrel, or Old World Kestrel. In Britain, where no other brown falcon occurs, it is generally just called "the kestrel".

This species occurs over a large range. It is widespread in Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as occasionally reaching the east coast of North America. But although it has colonized a few oceanic islands, vagrant.. more

Similar species: Falcons
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Uploaded Jan 24, 2013. Captured Jan 14, 2013 07:50 in Tamar Kamal Amar, Julis, Israel.
  • NIKON D300S
  • f/2.8
  • 1/8000s
  • ISO400
  • 400mm