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Male Giraffe Weevil on leaf - sideview Third and last set of photos of a wonderful spotting of this bizarre insect in Ranomafana, Madagascar. Giraffe Beetle,Madagascar,Ranomafana National Park,Trachelophorus giraffa Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Male Giraffe Weevil on leaf - sideview

Third and last set of photos of a wonderful spotting of this bizarre insect in Ranomafana, Madagascar.

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  1. Ohhhh! I missed this one, Ferdy! <3 What a beauty! Posted one year ago
    1. Wasn't sure you saw it, and wanted to be sure :) Posted one year ago
  2. From today's Facebook post:

    The Giraffe Weevil (Trachelophorus giraffa) is a beetle that is endemic to Madagascar. As you may expect, it gets its common name from its super long neck. It's a sexually dimorphic species, which means that males and females look different. Specifically, the neck of the males is 2 to 3 times longer than that of the females. The males use their extended necks for intraspecific combat in which they battle other males over mating rights. The winner gets to mate with the object of their affection: a nearby female. The females have powerful legs, which they use to fold, roll, and curl a leaf multiple times in order to make the perfect, cozy nest. When she finishes the construction, she lays a single egg inside the curled-up leaf, snips the leaf from the plant, and lets it fall to the forest floor. The leaf will provide sustenance for the larva, once it hatches. The giraffe weevil is certainly a charismatic testimony to the incredible diversity of life on planet Earth. {Spotted in Madagascar by JungleDragon founder, Ferdy Christant} #JungleDragon
    Posted 11 months ago
    1. Posted 11 months ago, modified 11 months ago
      1. Awesome post and video! I had no idea about the nest building and an blown away in particular that it just concerns a single egg! Posted 11 months ago
        1. Exactly - it seems like so much work for a single egg! I was also surprised that she snips the leaf and lets it fall to the ground. I would think being on the plant would be safer, but they obviously know better than I do. Posted 11 months ago
          1. It seems a risky strategy indeed! And I'm also taking it as a clue, a trace, to perhaps detect them. Although jungle floors are of course very messy, it wouldn't stick out much.

            I can't get over single egg though. I don't know enough about insects to say if this is common, but it seems exceptional to me in the insect world. Single egg....wow. And yes that female is STRONG.
            Posted 11 months ago
            1. Oh, and a further tidbit to help you find them - they only use the leaves of specific trees: Dichaetanthera cordifolia and Dichaetanthera arborea. Posted 11 months ago
              1. Thanks! We'll be back in Ranomafana in a few months, so fingers crossed :) Posted 11 months ago
                1. *Fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed* Posted 11 months ago

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The giraffe weevil is a weevil endemic to Madagascar. It derives its name from an extended neck much like that of the common giraffe. The giraffe weevil is sexually dimorphic, with the neck of the male typically being 2 to 3 times the length of that of the female. Most of the body is black with distinctive red elytra covering the flying wings. The total body length of the males is just under an inch , among the longest for any attelabid species. The extended neck is an adaptation that assists in.. more

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