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Bromius obscurus  Adoxini,Bromius,Bromius obscurus,Chrysomelidae,Chrysomeloidea,Eumolpinae,Jane's garden,nl: Basterdwederikkever,nl: Donkere valkever Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

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  1. Nice chubby one, how big is it? Posted 4 months ago
    1. Good point. I've added this to the description on the species page:
      The 5-6mm long adults are black with yellowish pubescence and generally have a somewhat "hunch-backed" posture with the short flattened head hidden below the pronotum (much like Cryptocephalinae). The first four segments of the antennae are yellowish brown and the segments increase gradually and evenly in size toward the tip.
      Posted 4 months ago, modified 4 months ago
      1. Excellent info, thanks for adding it. Posted 4 months ago
  2. As sharp as a needle for this little one, well done Arp. Posted 4 months ago
    1. Thanks Paul :o) The size is not too bad, but the critter constantly "poses" in ways that make it near impossible to get a good "full body" view, including the head *rolleyes* ;o) Posted 4 months ago
      1. Usually they are not at all "cooperative"! -:) Posted 4 months ago
        1. And here is us, just trying to give them honour and glory with a spot in the eternal spotlights of JungleDragon ... but a little cooperation? Ohhhhnoooo ... tssss ... Posted 4 months ago

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Bromius obscurus is a Leaf beetle (Chrysomelidae) known from large parts of Central and Northern Europe, but getting scarcer toward the west. In the UK it is considered RDB1 (Endangered).

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