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Green-eyed hawker, Netherlands  Aeshna isoceles,Geotagged,Green-eyed hawker,Netherlands Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Green-eyed hawker, Netherlands

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  1. Perfect species photo! Posted 8 months ago
    1. Agreed! It's fantastic! Posted 8 months ago
      1. thanks a lot Christine Posted 8 months ago
    2. Thank you Ferdy. Posted 8 months ago

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''Aeshna isoceles'' is a small hawker dragonfly that is found in Europe, mostly around the Mediterranean, and the lowlands of North Africa. Its common name in English is green-eyed hawker. In Britain it is a rare and local species and is known as the Norfolk hawker.

Similar species: Dragonflies And Damselflies
Species identified by Paul Dirksen
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By Paul Dirksen

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Uploaded May 22, 2020. Captured in 8356 Blokzijl, Netherlands.