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Stephanitis oberti  Heteroptera,Lacebug,Netherlands,Stephanitis,Stephanitis oberti,Tingidae,nl: Vossenbesnetwants Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. That structure on the head is so cool, reminds me of a mirror spider. Posted 6 months ago
    1. Had to go and look that up now Ferdy - didn't know about these, but I sure see what you mean!
      Posted 6 months ago
      1. A few more examples here:

        Jewelry Spider - Thwaitesia margaritifera I have been wanting to see this beautiful Spider after seeing other posts from Singapore and Australia and was taken by surprise to find one in Hong Kong.<br />
<br />
The species known from Australia is Thwaitesia argentiopunctata.<br />
<br />
This spider is very small in size, around 4-5 mm in size. They are called mirror or sequined spiders, which features reflective silvery patches on their abdomen. The scales look like solid pieces of mirror glued to the spider’s back, but they can actually change size depending on how threatened the spider feels. The reflective scales are composed of reflective guanine, which these and other spiders use to give themselves color. Hong Kong,Mirror Spider,Spider,Thwaitesia,Thwaitesia margaritifera,Thwaitesia sp

        Mirror spider - side view, Andasibe, Madagascar My first mirror spider! (Genus: Thwaitesia. I only once saw these online from a famous macro photographer from Singapore. They are much smaller than I expected and quite tricky to get entirely into focus. <br />
<br />
They are called mirror spiders due to the reflective plates on their abdomen. This one surely is in the genus Thwaitesia. Some candidates known to occur in Madagascar:<br />
<br />
- Thwaitesia argenteosquamata (Lenz, 1891) (Madagascar)<br />
- Thwaitesia pulcherrima Butler, 1882 (Madagascar)<br />
<br />
Not certain of the species yet, documentation is very limited.<br />
https://www.jungledragon.com/image/86557/mirror_spider_-_front_andasibe_madagascar.html<br />
https://www.jungledragon.com/image/86558/mirror_spider_-_closeup_andasibe_madagascar.html Africa,Andasibe,Geotagged,Madagascar,Madagascar 2019,Winter,World
        Posted 6 months ago, modified 6 months ago
        1. Ahw - friggin' excellent! :o))) Posted 6 months ago

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Stephanitis oberti is a species of Lace Bug (Tingidae) known from central and northern Europe and East Asia, living on Vaccinium, Rhododendron and Andromeda.

Similar species: True Bugs
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