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Calvia quatuordecimguttata - Mugshot Full view of same beetle:<br />
<figure class="photo"><a href="https://www.jungledragon.com/image/93612/calvia_quatuordecimguttata.html" title="Calvia quatuordecimguttata"><img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.jungledragon.com/images/3043/93612_thumb.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=05GMT0V3GWVNE7GGM1R2&Expires=1667433610&Signature=Y77JqGzWTKhb03zwGNB6ciD6438%3D" width="200" height="114" alt="Calvia quatuordecimguttata Mugshot of same beetle:<br />
https://www.jungledragon.com/image/93611/calvia_quatuordecimguttata_-_mugshot.html Calvia,Calvia quatuordecimguttata,Coccinellidae,Coccinellinae,Coleoptera,Cream-spot Ladybird,Cream-spot ladybird,Jane&#039;s garden,Ladybird,nl: Roomvleklieveheersbeestje" /></a></figure> Calvia,Calvia quatuordecimguttata,Coccinellidae,Coccinellinae,Coleoptera,Cream-spot Ladybird,Cream-spot ladybird,Jane's garden,Ladybird,compound eyes,nl: Roomvleklieveheersbeestje Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Excellent shot! Posted 2 years ago
    1. Thanks Ferdy - bit of a shame this was a sloppy eater, but hey ... :o) Posted 2 years ago

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"Calvia quatuordecimguttata", the cream-spot ladybird, is a species of ladybird in the family Coccinellidae. Its distribution is holarctic, it being found in Europe and through the East Palearctic to Japan. It is introduced to North America. This ladybird is generally 4 to 5 millimetres in length and varies in appearance depending on the geographical location. It usually lives in hedgerows and deciduous trees.

Similar species: Beetles
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Uploaded May 2, 2020.