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Chaetocnema hortensis Colour of the antennae and structure of punctation on elytra and pronotum are diagnostic.<br />
Size around 2mm. Alticinae,Chaetocnema,Chaetocnema hortensis,Chrysomelidae,Flea beetle,Jane's garden Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

Chaetocnema hortensis

Colour of the antennae and structure of punctation on elytra and pronotum are diagnostic.
Size around 2mm.

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  1. A coincidence and pleasure seeing this flea beetle on the front page...as last week I had seen, photographed and had one ID'd by an entomologist recently - but let me say my image wasn't anywhere near as wonderful as these! Especially given the beetle's size. Posted 6 months ago
    1. Surprised to hear you have these in Australia too! Coming from you, with your high photo quality, I take the remark about the photo as a valuable compliment Ruth - so thanks for that! These are the only three shots in a series of 80 or so that came out in focus, so having "at least something to show for" after all the frustration is happy moment ;o)
      Cheers, Arp
      Posted 6 months ago
      1. No, it was another species entirely that I found, but a flea beetle. They are infinite in their variety and I am lost in that regard! Thanks for your honesty about the 80 shots - for some reason I've placed this arbitrary restriction on myself, if I can't get a decent shot within 10, well then I've sort of failed. Ridiculous really. Posted 6 months ago
        1. Ah, okay - misread that ;o) The 80 shots was mostly due to "moving target shooting" - if it would sit still for more than one shot and a half I hope I wouldn't need 80 shots to get three in focus, but I _do_ generally zoom in too much, causing only partial focus over the grand total length of 2mm, with either only the head or the bum in focus but never both in the same shot. Kicking myself later. The insets are the result of that sort of "focussing" (hence the weird crops, but added to show details of the punctation etc.) Posted 6 months ago

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Chaetocnema hortensis is a species of flea beetle from Chrysomelidae family.

Similar species: Beetles
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