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Little hop clover - Trifolium dubium Roche à Lomme Belgium,Geotagged,Little hop clover,Spring,Trifolium dubium Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

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''Trifolium dubium'', the lesser trefoil, suckling clover, little hop clover or lesser hop trefoil, is a flowering plant in the pea and clover family Fabaceae. This species is generally accepted as the primary plant to represent the traditional Irish shamrock.

It is native to Europe, but can be found in many parts of the world as an introduced species. It is probably an allotetraploid with 2n=32 that arose from the crossing of ''Trifolium campestre'' and ''T. micranthum''.

Similar species: Beans
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Uploaded Apr 15, 2020. Captured Jun 2, 2019 11:36 in Rue Roche à Lomme 3, 5670 Viroinval, Belgium.
  • SP-820UZ
  • f/4.5
  • 10/3200s
  • ISO80
  • 5.7mm