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Green Wing Macaw  Ara chloropterus,Geotagged,Red-and-green macaw,South Africa,Spring Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

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  1. Grace, I'm going to a bit of a bother in reminding of things, but it's to help you, really :)

    For each post, these are the main ingredients:
    - meaningful title (lacking in this one), can be set using "Edit details" button
    - Species identification, if you know the species. You're doing this very well already.
    - Location: either country or precise geotag. You've done this on most, but not all of your images

    You're already almost there, just some minor bits missing. And that's a quick setup, usually we spend much more time guiding new users. So you're doing well!

    Note that these 3 bits of information means your post shows up in several places (maps, search, species browser, tags), so it's both a community and a personal interest to do this.

    Hope this helps, if any question, feel free to ask.
    Posted 7 months ago
  2. Thanks for the reminder, i did the steps on my other photos and seemed to have missed this one! thank you!
    Posted 7 months ago

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The red-and-green macaw, also known as the green-winged macaw, is a large, mostly-red macaw of the genus ''Ara''. This is the largest of the genus ''Ara'', widespread in the forests and woodlands of northern and central South America.

Similar species: Parrots
Species identified by Grace Marais
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By Grace Marais

All rights reserved
Uploaded Apr 14, 2020. Captured Oct 7, 2015 11:53 in Unnamed Road, South Africa.
  • E-M1
  • f/5.4
  • 1/100s
  • ISO1600
  • 124mm