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armyworm... Camping out in the kitchen... Beet armyworm,Geotagged,Spodoptera exigua,United States Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

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  1. Tough one to ID...I'm not doubting yours, but check out how similar this species is:
    Posted 2 months ago

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The beet armyworm or small mottled willow moth is one of the best-known agricultural pest insects. It is also known as the asparagus fern caterpillar. It is native to Asia, but has been introduced worldwide and is now found almost anywhere its many host crops are grown. The voracious larvae are the main culprits. In the British Isles, where it is an introduced species and not known to breed, the adult moth is known as the small mottled willow moth.

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Species identified by Stephen Philips
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Uploaded Apr 9, 2020. Captured in Catalina, AZ 85739, USA.