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Central Stoneroller(Male)-Dix River Drainage, Kentucky  Campostoma anomalum,Central stoneroller,Geotagged,Spring,United States Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Central Stoneroller(Male)-Dix River Drainage, Kentucky

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  1. I love your great photos and trying to think how you do this with the black background. Posted one month ago
    1. It's not too hard! I use a glass photo tank, and hang a black sheet behind the tank at angle to create a deep shadow, that way there's nothing for the flash to bounce off of(if it was hanging directly behind the tank, it would catch light from the flash and create a grey background). Afterwards, I edit out any debris in the water, dust, and anything that might have ended up on the glass without me noticing. I'll post a couple pre-edit shots at some point to show you what the photo's look like pre edit. And if you or anyone else is ever interested in shooting these kinds of photos, I'll happily explain the setup and process to you. Posted one month ago
      1. Thank you Zach Alley.
        I will try it and can maybe use it for aquatic invertebrates as well.
        Posted one month ago
  2. Wow, so cool!! He has "thorns"! Posted one month ago
    1. PS - Can you please add the geotag? Thanks! Posted one month ago
  3. Big lips! Posted one month ago
    1. Yes! The males have enlarged lips during spawning season! That's also when they aquire the white lip coloring! The rest of the year, they're rather bland and lacking any standout features Posted one month ago

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The central stoneroller is a fish in the family Cyprinidae endemic to North America.

Similar species: Carps, Minnows And Loaches
Species identified by Zach Alley
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By Zach Alley

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Uploaded Apr 8, 2020. Captured Apr 6, 2020 05:30 in 708 Miles Point Way, Lexington, KY 40510, USA.
  • Canon EOS REBEL T5
  • f/18.0
  • 1/128s
  • ISO100
  • 60mm