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Agriopis leucophaearia - Collage of males One night in January on the black walls of Den Alerdinck, just a few of the 30-40 or so male Spring ushers.<br />
Choose &quot;load original&quot; in full frame view to get full resolution (5760x3240) Agriopis,Agriopis leucophaearia,Alerdinck,Bistonini,Ennominae,Geometridae,Geotagged,Moth,Netherlands,Spring Usher,nl: Kleine Voorjaarsspanner Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Agriopis leucophaearia - Collage of males

One night in January on the black walls of Den Alerdinck, just a few of the 30-40 or so male Spring ushers.
Choose "load original" in full frame view to get full resolution (5760x3240)

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  1. This is both very beautiful and very educational, love it. Even more as finally somebody other than myself is fully utilizing high res photo viewing here :) Posted 2 months ago
    1. Thanks Ferdy :o) With collages like these I can get high pixel counts, but my single shot frames are mostly in the range of 1500-2500px wide after cropping, so I've more or less decided to try and upload most as full HD (1920x1080), which also makes for nice "native" viewing on a TV set for presentations etc. I would go for 4K as a standard, but hardly any of my images have that in them due to my low budget gear ;-/ Posted 2 months ago
      1. For what it's worth: I find it incredible what you squeeze out of your gear and would not even know about it being relatively low budget had you not told me. Posted 2 months ago
        1. Coming from you, that is a meaningful compliment Ferdy - thanks :o)
          As it goes I'm quite happy/satisfied with my photo results most of the time (and if not, it's usually due to not putting in enough effort and I know it), so I don't feel "deprived" for a second. My gear is small and easy to handle and if I'm careless in the field and break it I can grab another camera of the same type and continue, which will only set me back some 15 Euros or so (I've been acquiring some cameras as "reserve supply" due to the model getting old and the old low end things getting a lot of usage with me). This way, I can pay more attention to what is around me than to keeping my gear intact, which works just fine for me ;o)
          Posted 2 months ago, modified 2 months ago
          1. You should be happy because the quality is excellent. You seriously are the person that comes to mind when somebody asks if they need high-end gear or what to do if they can't afford it. I will then simply point them to your work.

            As for "coming from you", I consider myself a mediocre to reasonable photographer at best with high-end gear. The pretense stops at that self assessment, and I'm fine with it :)
            Posted 2 months ago
            1. You're being too modest, but that's cool - I'm not going there ;)
              The "coming from you" of course also refers to you being a person who has set up a photo sharing site aimed at catering to authors of higher quality images and clearly making it your thing/hobby to understand and enjoy the intricacies of (nature) photography and the tech behind it, which in the end is a different ball game from shooting high quality, creative photos yourself. So, I'll ignore your modesty and remain satisfied with your comment being meaningful to me :o)
              Posted 2 months ago

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The Spring Usher is a moth of the family Geometridae.

Similar species: Moths And Butterflies
Species identified by Pudding4brains
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By Pudding4brains

Public Domain
Uploaded Jan 27, 2020. Captured in Den Alerdinckweg 4, 8055 PE Laag Zuthem, Netherlands.