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Dicladispa occator - Copula  Chrysomelidae,Dicladispa,Dicladispa occator,Dicladispa testacea,Geotagged,Hispinae,La Palma (Canary Islands),Spain Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Wild :) Posted 10 months ago
    1. It's a bit like "how do the porcupines do 'it'? ... VERY carefully" ;o) Posted 10 months ago
      1. Yet lots of things to hold on to :) Posted 10 months ago
        1. Yes, that's a slight plus I suppose :o) Posted 10 months ago
  2. Very romantic, lol Posted 10 months ago
    1. She seems to be attractive enough nevertheless ;o) Posted 10 months ago
      1. Haha, definitely. Posted 10 months ago
  3. Great find Arp, hope to see them too in November. Posted 6 months ago
    1. I've seen these on various spots but always a bit higher up in altitude. Look for the mines on the leaves for indication of presence:
      Cyrtopeltis canariensis - Various life stages An adult and various development stages (nymps) of Cyrtopeltis canariensis on a leaf of Cictus symphytifolius with leaf mines created by the larvae of https://www.jungledragon.com/tag/62179/dicladispa_occator.html  Cictus symphytifolius,Cyrtopeltis,Cyrtopeltis canariensis,Dicladispa occator,Dicyphini,Geotagged,La Palma (Canary Islands),Miridae,Spain,leaf mine,nymph
      Posted 6 months ago, modified 6 months ago
      1. Thanks for this golden tip Arp. Posted 6 months ago

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Dicladispa occator is a species of Leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) in the subfamily Hispinae with monophagous development on Cistaceae, where the larvae create irregular upper surface blotch like leaf mines.

Similar species: Beetles
Species identified by Pudding4brains
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By Pudding4brains

Public Domain
Uploaded Dec 20, 2019. Captured in LP-301, 38712 BreƱa Baja, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.