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Soredia and Apothecia... ... of Lobaria pulmonaria. Canada,Geotagged,Lobaria pulmonaria,Tree lungwort Click/tap to enlarge

Soredia and Apothecia...

... of Lobaria pulmonaria.

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''Lobaria pulmonaria'' is a large epiphytic lichen consisting of an ascomycete fungus and a green algal partner living together in a symbiotic relationship with a cyanobacterium—a symbiosis involving members of three kingdoms of organisms. Commonly known by various names like tree lungwort, lung lichen, lung moss, lungwort lichen, oak lungs or oak lungwort, it is sensitive to air pollution and is also negatively affected by habitat loss and changes in forestry practices.

Similar species: Peltigerales
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Uploaded Dec 15, 2019. Captured in 729-753 Whaletown Rd, Mansons Landing, BC V0P 1K0, Canada.