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Greater Angle-wing Katydid Greater Angle-wing Katydid – Microcentrum rhombifolium Geotagged,Greater Angle-wing Katydid,Greater Anglewing Katydid,Microcentrum rhombifolium,United States,biodiversity,grackle,insect,invertebrate,katydid,long-horned grasshopper,longhorn grasshopper,nature,wild,wildlife Click/tap to enlarge

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Greater Anglewing Katydids (Microcentrum rhombifolium) are found in the southwestern and eastern United States, except for most of New England. They are found in forests, in shade trees, in shrubbery, and along fencerows. Ovipositing females glue their eggs along the margins of leaves. There is one generation annually, with adults present from July to October (except in Florida, where adults are present year-round).

Over much of the range of the Greater Anglewing, the similar Lesser Anglewing.. more

Similar species: Grasshoppers And Crickets
Species identified by Rick Lieder
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By Rick Lieder

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Uploaded Nov 12, 2019. Captured in 34027 Cotswold St, Farmington Hills, MI 48335, USA.