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  1. How did you manage to find this awesome testosterone bomb? Timing must be exact, right? Posted 9 days ago
    1. The hardest part is only to spot them on Q. robur, Q. pyrenaica..., on the shadow of growing trees at daylight, or in the dead wood below. This particular oak habitats are where they hold their grounds. Posted 9 days ago, modified 9 days ago
      1. Ok, but I mean to say they spend most of their lives as a larvae, only a short period as an adult, true? Posted 9 days ago

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''Lucanus cervus'' is the best-known species of stag beetle in the West , and is sometimes referred to simply as the stag beetle. It lives in holes in old trees and dead trunks, in the forest as well as in groves. Forest management, in eliminating old trees and dead wood, eliminates at the same time the habitat and food of this species. Once quite common, the population of the ''Lucanus cervus'', along with that of other species of beetles which feed on wood, is in steep decline, and is now listed.. more

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