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Sibon nebulatus This individual has almost blind while it was changing this skin Clouded snake,Sibon nebulatus Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Sibon nebulatus

This individual has almost blind while it was changing this skin

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  1. They are found in a wide range of habitats, from the tropical dry forest to the very humid tropical. While the specimens in juvenile state are terrestrial, as adults they are arboreal.

    It should be mentioned that it is not poisonous and its main diet consists of snails, which thanks to special modifications in the jaws, hook to get them out of the shell.

    The color of the body varies from gray to brown with irregular dark brown cross bands. These crossed bands are bordered by fine irregular beige spots. The belly varies from white to beige, mottled with small dark brown tips. The labial scale on the upper lip behind the eye is enlarged.

    The individual in the photograph was almost blind temporarily due to the process of skin change, during which time he remains with a certain degree of vulnerability.
    Posted 11 months ago
    1. Great work!
      Posted 11 months ago
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''Sibon nebulatus'', commonly known as the clouded snake, is a species of small, slender arboreal snake which is found in southern Mexico, Central America, northern South America, Isla Margarita, and Trinidad and Tobago.

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