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  1. Great headshot, promoted to homepage! Posted 6 years ago
  2. I hope it was behind glass, given the focal length:) I would be very triggerhappy and run in the opposite direction:) Great shot, Scott, you are really on the move at the moment! Posted 6 years ago
    1. Thanks I have a lot of photos that I want to share Posted 6 years ago

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''Python reticulatus'', also known as the reticulated python, is a species of python found in Southeast Asia. Adults can grow to 6.95 metres in length but normally grow to an average of 3-6 meters . They are the world's longest snakes and longest reptile, but are not the most heavily built. Like all pythons, they are nonvenomous constrictors and normally not considered dangerous to humans. Although large specimens are powerful enough to kill an adult human, attacks are only occasionally reported.
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By Scott Staley

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Uploaded Nov 4, 2012. Captured Mar 9, 2011 14:23.
  • NIKON D40
  • f/4.8
  • 1/30s
  • ISO800
  • 105mm