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Perennials, 40–250 cm, colonial; long-rhizomatous. Stems 1, erect (straight, ± thin, 2–8 mm diam at base, ± ribbed, red above each node), glabrous or glabrate (very sparsely hispidulous) proximally to ± hispidulous distally. Leaves (crowded, light green, shiny) firm, margins crenulate-serrate or entire, revolute, apices acute to acuminate, mucronate, abaxial faces glabrous or midveins sometimes with hairs apically, adaxial glabrous; basal withering by flowering, subpetiolate (petioles dilated,.. more

Similar species: Asterales
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Uploaded Sep 16, 2019. Captured Sep 15, 2019 18:54 in 4408 Miller Rd, Barnum, MN 55707, USA.
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6
  • f/5.6
  • 1/128s
  • ISO1600
  • 100mm