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Possibly Genus - Pandorea Flower approx. 20 mm  Australia,Geotagged,Pandora pandorana,Pandorea pandorana,Winter Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Att. Christine ,this is the only image I got showing some foliage. Posted 5 months ago
    1. Nice! I think Pandorea sp. (and still possibly Pandorea pandorana) is a good bet. I read that this species is very variable with colors, size, and number of leaflets. But, I would seek a second opinion just because I'm definitely not a plant expert.

      Posted 5 months ago
      1. I wish I could go back to look at it all again but run out of time as we are on our way further north. You are right that it most likely is P. pandorana. Posted 5 months ago

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''Pandorea pandorana'', commonly known as the Wonga Wonga Vine, is a species of woody climbing vine in the family Bignoniaceae. It is found in Australia, Malesia and the southwestern Pacific region. It forms large pointed pods filled with papery seeds. It is easy to germinate, having two-lobed dicotyledons. It is a popular garden plant, common cultivars include the yellow-flowered ''P.'' 'Golden Showers', the white-flowered ''P.'' 'Snowbells', and the pinkish.. more

Similar species: Lamiales
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Uploaded Aug 30, 2019. Captured Aug 5, 2019 15:08 in 14 Roma Rd, Valentine NSW 2280, Australia.
  • Canon EOS 650D
  • f/8.0
  • 1/512s
  • ISO3200
  • 135mm