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Nicrophorus vespilloides Nicrophorus vespilloides inspecting a dead toad. Geotagged,Nicrophorus vespilloides,Summer,United States,beetle,boreal carrion beetle,carrion beetle,insect Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

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  1. Oh, eww! But, so interesting! Great find! Posted 4 months ago
    1. A bit gross. I just a found a paper on how to attract these insects to traps using small pieces of rotting chicken meat. I wonder how species would come by? Posted 3 months ago
      1. Definitely icky. I once tried to rear human bot flies on raw meat. It was a project I had to do in grad school - rearing medically important insects. I managed to do ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and kissing bugs. But, the human bot flies didn't like the raw meat and wouldn't complete their life cycle.

        The rotting meat idea is interesting though...I wonder what else would come and if it would attract any mammals as well.
        Posted 3 months ago
        1. Hopefully no large mammals although I'd be ok with shrews. You take a metal or plastic container, poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage, and sink it int the soil. Cover it with a raised board to keep out the rain. You should check it daily. I'd probably photo the beetles and then let them go with a chunk of decaying meat so they could finish out their life cycle.

          I think your bot flies would have preferred a live host. How did you feed ticks?
          Posted 3 months ago
          1. Oh, neat! I will definitely try it!

            I had the same thought about the bot flies preferring a live host, but it was wishful thinking that the meat would work. I fed the ticks using live mice. The mosquitoes fed on captive quail. I worked in a arbovirus lab, so I had all these poor creatures on hand. I used myself to feed the bed bugs. The kissing bugs fed on mice, but didn't thrive.
            Posted 3 months ago

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''Nicrophorus vespilloides'' is a burying beetle described by Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Herbst in 1783.

This is one of the most well studied of the burying beetles with over 1,000 citations found via Google Scholar. What had been considered ''Nicrophorus vespilloides'' in mid and eastern Canada and northeastern USA was determined by Sikes et al. in 2016 to be a separate, overlooked sister species of ''Nicrophorus vespilloides'' that had been named by Kirby in 1837.

This sister.. more

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