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Pteridium aquilinum  Eagle fern,Geotagged,Pteridium aquilinum,Summer,United States,bracken fern Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Fancy light, Gary! Posted 4 months ago
    1. I think there was a beam of sunlight coming through the trees to give that effect. Posted 4 months ago
      1. Lol, you're clearly not a classic photographer. You should have said that you planned the shot for the golden hour, waited for ideal conditions for a week and then carefully composed it at exactly the right moment.

        Instead, you were honest that it kind of happened to you. To be clear, appreciate that :)
        Posted 4 months ago
        1. You've got me laughing here, Ferdy! Yes, it did just happen. I was more intent on getting the focus right especially on the elongate leaf tips. I did wait a week (it was the last detail on my schedule) to go to that spot not see the ferns but to spend some time in a spruce swamp looking for Pyrola minor (which I did find). Posted 4 months ago, modified 4 months ago

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''Pteridium aquilinum'' , also known as "eagle fern," is a species of fern occurring in temperate and subtropical regions in both hemispheres. The extreme lightness of its spores has led to its global distribution.

Common bracken was first described as ''Pteris aquilina'' by the father of taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus, in Volume 2 of his ''Species Plantarum'' in 1753. The origin of the specific epithet derived from the Latin ''aquila'' "eagle", but what it pertains to has been a matter of some.. more

Similar species: Dennstaedtiales
Species identified by Gary B
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By Gary B

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Uploaded Aug 11, 2019. Captured Aug 10, 2019 08:19 in Forest Rte 348, Finland, MN 55603, USA.
  • f/1.7
  • 1/173s
  • ISO50
  • 4.2mm