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butterfly  Animal,Limenitis arthemis,White Admiral or Red-spotted Purple,butterfly,flying insect,insect Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. What a pleasant and elegant photograph :) I really like this one. Posted 8 years ago
    1. thank you
      Posted 8 years ago

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''Limenitis arthemis,'' the red-spotted purple or white admiral, is a North American butterfly species in the cosmopolitan genus ''Limenitis''. It has been studied for its evolution of mimicry, and for the several stable hybrid wing patterns within this nominal species; it is one of the most dramatic examples of hybridization between non-mimetic and mimetic populations.

''L. arthemis'' can be split into two major groups, mainly based on one physical characteristic: the presence of a white.. more

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By Scott Staley

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Uploaded Oct 30, 2012. Captured Aug 8, 2010 17:42.
  • NIKON D40
  • f/8.0
  • 1/160s
  • ISO200
  • 200mm