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Tinea pellionella  Case-bearing clothes moth,Gewone pelsmot,Lepidoptera,Moth,Tinea,Tinea pellionella,Tineidae,Tineinae Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

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  1. Love your new list - what a great idea! Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks, I'm also hoping it will give me some incentive to actually try and get decent images of those everyday creatures that I don't really bother to photograph like ants in the kitchen and some such. Still unsure if I will make it a general list or just my own public domain images, but will probably need to include images by others if I want to get it halfway complete... Posted one year ago
      1. Sounds like a worthy project! Posted one year ago

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''Tinea pellionella'', the case-bearing clothes moth, is a species of tineoid moth in the family Tineidae, the fungus moths. It is the type species of the genus ''Tinea'', which in turn is the type genus of the subfamily, family, as well as the superfamily Tineoidea. Its scientific name is derived from "tinea", a generic term for micromoths, and the Latin term for a furrier, ''pellionellus''.

This species has a cosmopolitan distribution, occurring nearly worldwide. It is synanthropic;.. more

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