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Casebearer Moth (Coleophora querciella)? TINY moth at a UV light setup (365nm) at a dense mixed forest edge Coleophora querciella,Geotagged,Summer,United States Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

Casebearer Moth (Coleophora querciella)?

TINY moth at a UV light setup (365nm) at a dense mixed forest edge

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  1. Hmm. Have you posted this one in a FB group or on BG? Your moth doesn't appear to have striped antennae and there are several white Coleophora species that look very similar. The ID might be correct, but maybe consider seeking a second opinion. Posted 13 days ago
    1. I'm waiting on BG right now :) I'm not sure at all!

      I was leaning towards this species just because of the host!
      Posted 12 days ago, modified 12 days ago
      1. Hopefully someone over there can confirm for you.

        Oh, what host was it on?
        Posted 12 days ago
        1. Not directly on any host, but there ARE a lot of white oaks in the vicinity. :/ Posted 12 days ago
          1. I just realized it's on a sheet. I am so off my rocker this morning ;P Posted 12 days ago
            1. You aren't alone! :D You've seen all of my derping this week. :P Posted 12 days ago
              1. Derpy Twinsies... Posted 11 days ago

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''Coleophora querciella'' is a moth of the family Coleophoridae. It is found in North America, including Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Canada.

The larvae feed on the leaves of ''Quercus'', ''Tilia'', ''Cornus'', ''Prunus'' species. They create a pistol-shaped case.

Similar species: Moths And Butterflies
Species identified by Lisa Kimmerling
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By Lisa Kimmerling

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Uploaded Jul 10, 2019. Captured Jul 9, 2019 16:35 in 234 Oakman Rd NE, Ranger, GA 30734, USA.
  • Canon EOS 6D Mark II
  • f/5.6
  • 1/181s
  • ISO200
  • 100mm