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Armadillidium pictum - Collage B  Armadillidiidae,Armadillidium,Armadillidium pictum,Isopoda,Oniscidea,Pill Woodlouse,Woodlouse Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

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  1. Love that little rolled up one! Thanks so much for this influx of woodlice, they are awesome! Posted 8 months ago
    1. Thanks Ferdy - many more to come I hope, although sifting through my old images is quite depressing ... should really make a point of finding and photographing many, many species again with my current setup.
      This species is not too bad, but a rolled up Armadillidium pulchellum can be around 2mm and when rolling away near impossible to find back between grains of sand/dirt.
      Posted 8 months ago
      1. I think you're being too hard on yourself, as always. And as always, I invite to share even what you consider lesser images. They have a use too. And quite likely one day you may retake it and then add it too, multiple photos of a species is exactly what should happen on this platform. In any case, looking forward to more!

        By the way, I've unexpectedly photographed a woodlice on this photo, do you know which species it is:

        Click Beetle larva (wireworm) inside tree, Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands A second example of a wireworm found after pulling the bark of a rotten tree. Note how the wood inside is pulverized. And there's two photo bombers, an ant and a woodlouse. Europe,Heeswijk-Dinther,Netherlands,World
        Posted 8 months ago, modified 8 months ago

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''Armadillidium pictum'' is a species of woodlouse which occurs over most of Europe, except the Mediterranean Basin and Southeast Europe. In the British Isles, it is only known from a few sites, making it by some accounts, "Britain's rarest woodlouse". Since these sites are all remote from human habitation, in Cumbria and Powys, the species is thought to be native rather than introduced.

''A. pictum'' is chiefly a forest species, and may be found several metres above the ground under.. more

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