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Grey heron - Ardea cinerea Grey heron - Ardea cinerea Ardea cinerea,France,Geotagged,Grey heron Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Grey heron - Ardea cinerea

Grey heron - Ardea cinerea

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  1. Nice closeup! Taken from a boat? Posted 4 months ago
    1. thanks. not from the boat. clicked at Ornithological Reserve, Le teich, France. Posted 4 months ago
  2. Beautiful <3 Posted 4 months ago
    1. thanks a lot Posted 4 months ago

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The grey heron is a wading bird of the heron family Ardeidae, native throughout temperate Europe and Asia and also parts of Africa. It is resident in the milder south and west, but many birds retreat in winter from the ice in colder regions. It has become common in summer even inside the Arctic circle along the Norwegian coast.

Similar species: Pelecaniformes
Species identified by Dr Harsha Vardhan Reddy
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By Dr Harsha Vardhan Reddy

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Uploaded Jun 12, 2019. Captured in Unnamed Road, 33470 Le Teich, France.