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Rainbow Darter(Male)-Mad River Drainage, Ohio  Etheostoma caeruleum,Geotagged,Rainbow darter,United States Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

Rainbow Darter(Male)-Mad River Drainage, Ohio

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  1. I have no words for this, crazy beautiful! Posted 6 months ago
    1. We're very lucky that this is one of the most common darter species in Ohio! Posted 6 months ago

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The rainbow darter is a native North American perch-like freshwater fish found in small, fast-moving streams and small to medium-sized rivers. It grows to 2 to 3 in in length. The species is very sensitive to pollution and silt, staying in clean, pollution-free water. The rainbow darter is easily identified by three dark spots on the back, and blue and orange in the dorsal and anal fins.

Similar species: Perch-like Fishes
Species identified by Zach Alley
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By Zach Alley

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Uploaded Jun 8, 2019. Captured in 473 Pimtown Rd, West Liberty, OH 43357, USA.