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Longnose Dace(Female)-Upper ohio RIver Drainage, Ohio  Longnose dace,Rhinichthys cataractae Click/tap to enlarge

Longnose Dace(Female)-Upper ohio RIver Drainage, Ohio

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The longnose dace is a freshwater minnow native to North America. ''Rhinicthys'' means snout fish and ''cataractae'' means of the cataract . Longnose dace are small, typically less than 100 mm and characterized by their fleshy snout that protrudes past the mouth. They are well adapted for living on the bottom of fast-flowing streams among stones. Longnose dace eat algae and aquatic insects and are important forage minnows for larger predatory fish.

Similar species: Carps, Minnows And Loaches
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  • Canon EOS REBEL T5
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  • ISO100
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