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Smerinthus ocellatus - Eggs  Eggs,Eyed hawk-moth,Smerinthinae,Smerinthus,Smerinthus ocellatus,Sphingidae,hawkmoth Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Little grape-like looking eggs! Posted one year ago
    1. Yes, they do look like that, don't they - haven't tasted one yet though ;-) Posted one year ago

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''Smerinthus ocellatus'', known as the eyed hawk-moth, is a European moth of the family Sphingidae.

The eyespots are not visible in resting position, where the forewings cover them. They are displayed when the moth feels threatened, and may startle a potential predator, giving the moth a chance to escape.

The adult moth has a wingspan of 70–80 millimetres .

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