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Egyptian Gosling, Small Chick Big Feet Egyptian Gosling (Alopochen aegyptiaca  ) cleaning its little paw. Alopochen aegyptiaca,Aves,Birds,Egyptian Gosling,goose,gosling Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Egyptian Gosling, Small Chick Big Feet

Egyptian Gosling (Alopochen aegyptiaca ) cleaning its little paw.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what a sweetie :)
    Great shot!
    Posted 9 years ago
  2. Fantastic composition, color and perfect timing, not to mention how cute this is :) Posted 9 years ago
  3. That's a definite "Awww" image. Posted 9 years ago
    1. Agreed. Although this is a close competitor :)

      Mute swan serenity, one day old One day old cygnet. (mute swan) Animal Kingdom,Aves,Baby,birds,swan,water
      Posted 9 years ago
      1. Of the two, I prefer "Big feet". There is more action and meaning in it. You get a sense of purpose. Not only in what the Gosling is doing, but also in the actual timing of the photo itself. Posted 9 years ago
        1. Very true. I love both though. They are perfect showcases of how very common animals that we all know can still lead to beautiful and unexpected scenes. Posted 9 years ago
  4. So cute, lovely tones! +++ Posted 9 years ago

  5. Hi Roeselien,

    I did not manage to log in yet and I could only watch and saw this on pass!

    So cute and so beautiful!
    Posted 9 years ago
    1. Thanks.....and good to see you here.
      It's a small world after all ;)
      Posted 9 years ago
      1. Haha, funny how allmost all active members are female. Show those men how to do it :) Posted 9 years ago
        1. Yay for GirlPower ;) Posted 9 years ago
          1. I'm all for it, girls. Full force ahead :) Posted 9 years ago
      2. Yes indeed! :-) Roeselien! Posted 9 years ago, modified 9 years ago
  6. Sweet, I liked very much !! Posted 9 years ago
    1. Tnx ;) Posted 9 years ago
  7. Small Chick - Big Feet - Gorgeous picture! Soooo cute...... Posted 9 years ago
  8. Adorable! Love the soft background. Posted 8 years ago
  9. Today's Facebook post:

    This little cutie is an Egyptian gosling (Alopochen aegyptiaca). Egyptian geese are native to Africa, but have become common in Western Europe in addition to parts of Texas and Florida in the United States. Pairs usually mate for life. The females build nests using reeds and leaves. Both parents take turns incubating the eggs and caring for the goslings. They are aggressive in protecting their offspring and may even kill the goslings of neighboring geese if they feel their young are in danger. The parents clearly take the safety of their young very seriously, but that’s just about where their parenting skills end. The goslings are precocial, which means that they are relatively mature at birth and are responsible for feeding themselves. So, the parents provide the “room”, but not the “board”. {Spotted by JungleDragon user, Roeselien Raimond} #JungleDragon #Egyptiangoose #gosling #Alopochenaegyptiaca
    Posted 8 months ago

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The Egyptian Goose is a member of the duck, goose and swan family Anatidae. It is in the shelduck subfamily Tadorninae, and is the only extant member of the genus ''Alopochen''.

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