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Opaleye-Venice Fishing Pier, Long Beach, California  Girella nigricans,irridescent Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

Opaleye-Venice Fishing Pier, Long Beach, California

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  1. Zach, those blue highlights...is it iridescence? And do you know what function it has? Posted 7 months ago
    1. I don't know alot about this species, but i believe it's pigment. The juveniles seem to have the brightest blue too them, fading as they age. They do however retain that beautiful blue eye that they get their name from! Posted 7 months ago, modified 7 months ago

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''Girella nigricans'', commonly known as the opaleye or rudderfish, is a species of sea chub found in the Eastern Pacific, from California to southern Baja California. A rarely documented isolated population also exists in the Gulf of California, which might be genetically different from the rest of the species. They are commonly found in shallow waters and intertidal zones, usually over rocks and kelp beds, at depths of 1 to 32 m . They feed primarily on algae, but will occasionally consume sessile.. more

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