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  1. Oh my, I guess not every dry leaf movement sound turns out to be a frog :) Posted 5 months ago
    1. Not at all! It is still quite cold in the area - about 0-5 degrees C in the morning and not more than 12 degrees during the day. This guy was on the road trying to get worm, I hardly managed not to overrun it! Happily I managed to take a few shots before he (she) hide in the leaf litter. Posted 5 months ago
      1. Same temperatures here, the sun is deceptive, still pretty chilly :) Posted 5 months ago

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''Vipera ammodytes'' is a venomous viper species found in southern Europe through to the Balkans and parts of the Middle East. It is reputed to be the most dangerous of the European vipers due to its large size, long fangs and high venom toxicity. The specific name, ''ammodytes'', is derived from the Greek words ''ammos'', meaning "sand", and ''dutes'', meaning "burrower" or "diver", despite its preference for rocky habitats. Five subspecies are currently recognized, including the nominate subspecies.. more

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By Jivko Nakev

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Uploaded Apr 7, 2019. Captured Apr 6, 2019 12:35 in 8132, Smolcha, Bulgaria.
  • Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • f/4.5
  • 1/1000s
  • ISO200
  • 100mm