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Iris atropurpurea - Coastal Iris Rare and critically endangered. Geotagged,Iris atropurpurea,Israel,Winter Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Iris atropurpurea - Coastal Iris

Rare and critically endangered.

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  1. From today's JungleDragon Facebook post:

    "The critically endangered Coastal Iris (Iris atropurpurea) is endemic to Israel where it now only grows within protected areas. This species is a member of the Oncocyclus group of irises, which have a unique system of pollination. While it may seem like their large, beautiful flowers would hold rich rewards for pollinators, the opposite is true. They receive very little attention from pollinators because they produce no nectar and very little pollen. So, potential pollinators pass these irises by due the lack of reward. Furthermore, the flowers cannot self-pollinate. The only visitors they receive are solitary male bees (Eucera sp.), which enter the flowers at dusk and stay there overnight. The darkly colored iris provides warmth and shelter for these bees. As the bees cozy up inside the flower, they brush against the stamen and stigma—collecting and transferring pollen. Night after night, the bees rest in flower after flower, and inadvertently act as pollinators. The irises are completely dependent on pollination by these night-sheltering bees.

    Unfortunately, as populations of the irises have become more rare and fragmented, the flight path of the bees between flowers has become unpredictable. In order to maintain any genetic variability, people must pollinate the irises. Thus, the survival of the coastal iris is hindered by and inextricably linked to human disturbance. These irises have a story to tell about their attempt to survive in a human-altered landscape. The story is fascinating, sad, and has a tinge of hope that with conservation efforts, they may yet survive against the odds. {Spotted in Israel by JungleDragon user, Yael Orgad} #JungleDragon"
    Posted 4 years ago

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"Iris atropurpurea", the coastal iris, is a species in the genus "Iris", it is also in the subgenus of Iris and in the Oncocyclus section. It is a rhizomatous perennial, from Israel.

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Uploaded Jan 24, 2019. Captured Feb 5, 2015 10:38 in Derekh ha-Ya'ar 2, Kadima Tzoran, Israel.
  • COOLPIX P600
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