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Noctua pronuba Eggs Tiny, silver-gray eggs found on a leaf in a rural backyard<br />
<figure class="photo"><a href="https://www.jungledragon.com/image/72490/noctua_pronuba_eggs.html" title="Noctua pronuba Eggs"><img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.jungledragon.com/images/3232/72490_thumb.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=05GMT0V3GWVNE7GGM1R2&Expires=1564012810&Signature=DcpmevxoVCR8XMvZf8C4ys%2FfPc8%3D" width="200" height="132" alt="Noctua pronuba Eggs Tiny, silver-gray eggs found on a leaf in a rural backyard<br />
https://www.jungledragon.com/image/72489/noctua_pronuba_eggs.html Geotagged,Large yellow underwing,Noctua pronuba,Summer,United States" /></a></figure> Geotagged,Large yellow underwing,Noctua,Noctua pronuba,Noctua pronuba eggs,Summer,United States,eggs,moth eggs Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. That's incredible, what a sight! Some insect eggs are so gorgeous, and so precisely engineered. Posted 5 months ago
    1. They are so perfect sand beautiful. I love the little design on top. Posted 5 months ago

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The large yellow underwing is a moth, the type species for the family Noctuidae. It is an abundant species throughout the Palearctic ecozone, one of the most common and most familiar moths of the region. In some years the species is highly migratory with large numbers appearing suddenly in marginal parts of the range.

It is also present in Europe, North Africa, Canary Islands, Middle East, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, northwest India, Russia, Novosibirsk Oblast, Caucasus, Transcaucasia.. more

Similar species: Moths And Butterflies
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Uploaded Jan 10, 2019. Captured Sep 13, 2014 14:40 in 1-37 Parker St, Coventry, RI 02816, USA.
  • Canon EOS 60D
  • f/3.2
  • 1/197s
  • ISO100
  • 100mm