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Painted Woodlouse - Porcellio spinicornis This woodlouse had unusual coloration - it was light-colored and pale yellow/tan.<br />
<br />
Habitat: Disturbed woodland habitat Geotagged,Porcellio,Porcellio spinicornis,Porcellionidae,Spring,United States,woodlouse Click/tap to enlarge PromotedCountry intro

Painted Woodlouse - Porcellio spinicornis

This woodlouse had unusual coloration - it was light-colored and pale yellow/tan.

Habitat: Disturbed woodland habitat

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  1. Hi Christine, Oniscus asellus can sometimes be fairly pale too, but with this colour it would indicate a yeast infection :o)
    But this is a different species, so I've taken the liberty to change the ID. Note the blackish head and pleon, the round medial lobe on the head and (if you zoom enough) the flagellum on the antenna made of 2 segments (3 on Oniscus!)
    For Porcellio spinicornis the colour is not too unusual. Maybe compare to this impression of variability:
    Porcellio spinicornis - variability A rather old collage showing some of the variability of woodlouse species Porcellio spinicornis.<br />
Was looking for this just now to link to it, but couldn't find it back online easily, so I figured I might as well store it here :o) Crustacea,Isopoda,Oniscidea,Porcellio,Porcellio spinicornis,Porcellionidae,Woodlouse

    Cheers, Arp
    Posted one year ago, modified one year ago
    1. Thanks Arp! It didn’t really occur to me that this was a different species because I’ve never seen any others. Thanks so much for correcting it! Posted one year ago
      1. Only ever seen Oniscus asellus? ... Hmmmm ... I say: Show us your woodlice! :o) Posted one year ago
        1. Yes! I'll be on the lookout from now on! Posted one year ago
          1. :o) Bring it on! Posted one year ago

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''Porcellio spinicornis'' is a species of woodlouse in the genus ''Porcellio'' belonging to the family Porcellionidae. This species is widespread in Europe, and has also been introduced to North America. The body have no spots, but the frontal lateral lobes are large.

Similar species: Brood Pouch Crustaceans
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